Upselling the Dream….on a Budget and Grow your DJ company to a Million Dollar Production Company!

February 22
Tuesday 3:00 PM 1 Hour

Upselling the Dream….on a Budget

Lighting should be purposeful, seamless, and invisible at times. How do you sell something that wasn’t part of the original budget? Lighting inspirations for everyone on every budget are what expert Jeremy Martorano will help you master…
• Pinspotting, digital gobos, and intelligent lighting upsells
• Extended lighting concepts that use pattern washes, projection, and cake mapping
• Marketing tips to expand your business into new markets

Grow your DJ company to a Million Dollar Production Company!

Ready to expand your company to include event production but don’t know where to start or how to market it? Audio, Video, Lighting & Special Effects can take your company to new levels. Come and learn from my 25 years of experience of where to start and how to market yourself to grow into a million dollar event production company.

About Jeremy Martorano

With over 25 years of experience, Jeremy is considered an expert in lighting, sound, video and projection mapping. Through his company Karma Event Productions, he has won numerous industry awards for event production and innovation. He’s known for fun and lively presentations, as well as being a thought leader and trend setter in the Special Event community.

“We help event professionals create Amazing Event!” is Karma’s motto and we like to bring theatrical creativity to our events. I've been presenting to DJs, event planners and production companies for years and we've become very well known for our use of video projection at events. Through digital gobos, animated logos, interactive elements, projection mapping or full wall videoscapes, we have transformed events without breaking the budget.

I've attended many conferences and while I always learn something, I've seen a real gap in design accessibility. Either a presentation is so big budget it's not practical for the everyday designer or it's so basic it's boring. Since we started out as a small production company, we had to get creative with our equipment and I like to keep my design ideas attainable while still inspiring. My goal is to inspire and uplift our industry by sharing my experience of growing my DJ company to a million dollar event production company.

Jeremy Martorano

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