Crate Hackers: Live Hackathon

February 22
Tuesday 10:00 AM 1 Hour

Aaron Traylor and Joe Bunn invite a live audience to participate in a "hackathon" where we build a crowdsourced playlist in a particular genre together. Each participant will receive the "crate" at the end of the exercise.
An introduction to Crate Hackers philosophy/community
How we build "crowdsourced" playlists and help you find the next song faster
Input from their colleagues on music that simply works for this particular genre

About Aaron Traylor & Joe Bunn - - brainchild and owner of Crate Hackers, a community of 2500 DJs who are committed to an organized library.
Official DJ for the Johnny Cash Family
Vegas and Nashville residencies - 25 year Radio Host, syndicated in 30 markets
Best Personality and Radio Promotion (National Broadcasters Association)
TED Talks speaker

Aaron Traylor & Joe Bunn

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