Next Level Weddings: Implementing Videos

February 21
Monday 5:00 PM 1 Hour

It’s a scientific fact that every human memory is tied to an emotion. Videos bring out emotions! You can make your wedding receptions more memorable by incorporating custom videos that will have a greater emotional connection and add personal touches in a way that most have never seen before! This will separate you from your competitors and elevate your DJ status, performance, and profits. It’s much more than learning how to mix music videos, though that will be covered too! If you can connect with people on an emotional level, you’ll be on another level than just packing dance floors…
-Examples of what types of videos and when and how they should be used
-How to make day of highlight videos in real time… HUGE WOW FACTOR!
-Easy to implement steps on getting started and creating videos
-How to market it correctly so it earns you more money
-If you are familiar with video DJing, this will help step your game up

About Chris Washburn

Chris Washburn is a multi Op Owner and traveling club/mobile DJ that’s been full time for almost a decade. Chris offers a DJ entertainment product that is very innovative, modern, with extra focus on relationships, love, and more than just packing dance floors. His company is at the top of the market in terms of price and bookings and their wedding rates are 3x the national average with often times couples booking them based on their date availability before they choose a day. Chris has been a featured presenter at the Wedding MBA (Las Vegas) and the DJ Expo 2021 (Atlantic City).

Chris Washburn

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