Local Marketing Collectives

February 21
Monday 6:00 PM 1 Hour

Join the authority MEX Speaker on all things digital and learn about a serious competitive advantage you can activate now to surpass your competitors THIS YEAR! Forming a Local Marketing Collective with complementary businesses will allow you to serve your customers better...and empower you to cross-link with them online in order to see all of your rankings increase collectively. There's power in scale...and we'll teach you how to achieve it!

About Jordan St. Jacques

When it comes to all things technology, there's no one finer for the entertainment industry than Jordan St Jacques to get your difficult questions answered. As a former DJ who moved onto Promotions and then Digital Marketing full-time, Jordan is quite familiar with the challenges faced by mobile entertainment companies on a day-to-day basis, including the biggest challenge of all...marketing! Catch Jordan's seminars at both PBX and MEX this coming Feb 2022.

Jordan St. Jacques

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