DAS - Speaker Demo - DAS Audio Stage at the South Point Showroom

February 22
Wednesday 12:00 PM 1 Hour

DAS - Speaker Demo
DJ-ing outside of the (pizza) box! 12-noon – 1pm

Come by Tuesday and Wednesday to see the past, present, and future of Audio for DJs & Events!

DAS Audio’s VP of Sales is not your average sales guy, Darrin “B-SIDE” Young is an industry veteran who has won several awards for his patented audio designs for some of the most revolutionary concepts.

Stop by for a short workshop and demo of the latest technology to hit the market. See how wireless technology (Phase, DAS ControlTM ) is changing the game and can streamline your setup time to create a cable free event! Learn how Serato Stems can be useful even if you’re not a remix DJ. Oh, and there’s free pizza too, while supplies last.

About DAS - Speaker Demo

DAS - Speaker Demo

DAS - Speaker Demo

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