Ben Herman - Expand Your DJ Business, So That You Can Achieve Time & Financial Freedom - DAS Audio Stage at the South Point Showroom

February 22
Wednesday 9:00 AM 1 Hour

Why is it that some DJ’s Businesses explode while others stay stuck? Step outside your comfort zone
and hear how successful DJs find fresh money in surprising new places.
- Use Leverage (Other People’s time and money)
- Upgrade your Belief
- Don’t Own a Job
- Create a promotional plan that pays you to attract dream clients and book more gigs.

About Ben Herman

Ben is a man who brings a lot to the table (s). His passion for the DJ industry began at the age of 13. That same passion has allowed him to plow through barriers beyond belief and get him to where he is now. By the mere age of 17 in his junior year of high school, Ben had launched his very own DJ business into the world.
Once the company was founded, he never looked back. Ben has worked with some “big dogs” in the industry like Will Smith, Too Short, E40, Clinton Sparks, Red Man + Method Man of the Wutang Clan, Paul Wall and Mims just to name a few.
He was voted the Best DJ of the North West Coast, as well as held weekly radio show residencies. Thousands of events later, his company has become one of the most established and top-rated DJ entertainment companies in Northern California.
Since then, he launched DJ University and ProfitableDJ into the world. As his three businesses have grown, so has Ben. His main focus now is to grow leaders and empower others to achieve similar results as him through his speaking engagements and mentorship programs.
His number one purpose is to deliver value to those in need and the communities that surround him.
His life experienced have led him to become one of the classiest and compassionate professionals in the industry. Ben’s dedicated team has been carefully chosen and mentored by none other than himself to deliver the same value and service he is so very passionate about.
Ben is both a loving and caring father to his two wonderful kids, and walks through life confidently with his warm-hearted and supportive wife, every step of the way.
His companies have consistently served the community for over a decade now and it’s no secret as to why his businesses continue to thrive. Ben is a man of integrity who values honesty, loyalty, and hardwork. This is the very strong foundation to which his businesses were built upon and the reason he stands out among the many in this industry.

Ben Herman

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