Master Class - Chris Collins - Double Your Revenue in 2023 With 5 Automation Secrets

February 23
Thursday 11:00 AM 1 Hour

Double Your Revenue in 2023 With 5 Automation Secrets

If you’re stuck doing the day-to-day running of your business; who’s out there growing it? Let’s dive into the 5 key pillars of running a profitable business, and how automation can be used to double revenue & boost profits - all while giving you your time back to focus on growth

Key take-aways:

Learn how to stop being the bottleneck in your business - free up your calendar with Delegation, elimination and automation. We’ll look at some key automations we can implement to make your business grow without you. Those who attend get 10 pre-written automations, perfect for enhancing their customer journey.

There are 5 key methods to boosting any business; Number of Leads, Conversion Rate, Number of Transactions, Average Sale Value & Margins. We’ll look at a few ways to boost each of these areas, and those who attend will get a “cheat sheet” with over 400 ways to grow their business.

There’s more to automation than just sending automatic emails. We’ll look at how we can integrate with third party software to build relationships with suppliers & venues, and build a referral funnel to gain more business.

Chris Collins

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