Danny Brewer - Let's Go Take A Selfie! - Intro To The Selfie Museum Business - BALLROOM

February 21
Tuesday 1:00 PM 1 Hour

A summary of the Selfie Museum business model - what has worked and what has not - if looking for passive income this is a great opportunity for the creative person to invest time & a small investment to get a great ROI !
-create a passive income business model to complement mobile entertainment services
-getting started - money saving tips to minimize financial investment

About Danny Brewer

A mobile entertainer with a radio DJ and club DJ background, Danny is always looking for the next big thing! The creator of the Ring Roamer which brought a new concept to the photo booth market, Danny will be sharing one of his business models, the selfie museum and what it could do for you as a part of your local market.

Danny Brewer

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