Bill Vahrenkamp - Troubleshooting Your Photo Booth - BALLROOM

February 20
Monday 2:00 PM 1 Hour

Troubleshooting Your Photo Booth

Having issues with cameras, lighting, printers? Come to Bill’s talk where he will discuss some common issues and questions.
Location and venue issues.
How to properly light your photos.
Proper exposure options.
Common issues with printer drivers.
Issues with printers.
Connect issues with peripherals.
Chromakey issues.

About Bill Vahrenkamp

Bill is the co-owner with his wife,Tanya, of Albertex Photography providing wedding, portrait and event photography services in the Dallas/Fort Worth and surrounding areas. In addition to his photography business, Bill is also Director of Technical Operations at Imaging Spectrum where he helps customers design and build the best printing systems to meet their needs and then provides training and technical support.

He holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Photography from Sam Houston State University and is a Photographic Craftsman and a Certified Professional Photographer in PPA. He is also a DallasPPA Fellowship recipient and current Treasurer. He is also a Texas PPA Board Member.

With over thirty years of photography experience, he enjoys sharing his knowledge by teaching and speaking on photography and making the industry better and to continue to thrive.

Bill Vahrenkamp

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