DJ Track Star Staci - Included: The Power of Music - DAS Audio Stage at the South Point Showroom

February 22
Wednesday 1:00 PM 1 Hour

Included: The Power of Music
Only 14% of the music on the radio is performed by women. Only 1% of dance music on the radio in the UK is by women. Where I live in southern California, half of the people are Latino. Yet in any grocery store or big box store here, the only Spanish music you’ll hear is white-washed mainstream pop (Pitbull, Shakira).
Inclusivity is no longer a fringe concept or something that can be overlooked. As DJs, the power is in our hands to change situations like these. When you perform for the general public, does the demographic of your music (or staff) loosely match the demographic of your audience?

In this seminar, you’ll learn:
why inclusivity is a concept that brands (like yours) are embracing in record numbers
the importance of representation (in your music, on your staff)
how to expand your music knowledge into unfamiliar genres
how to leverage your commitment to inclusivity to book more gigs
how (and why) to get certified as a woman-owned or minority-owned business

About DJ Track Star Staci

Staci Nichols (DJ Track Star Staci) has been a professional DJ for 15 years. She has spoken at Mobile Beat, Wedding MBA, DJ Expo, and Midwest DJs Live. Her know-how has also appeared in “Mobile Beat” and “DJ Life” magazines,,,, and the BPM Supreme blog. She graduated with honors in Sociology from the University of Redlands, largely focusing her studies on topics like inclusivity and diversity.

DJ Track Star Staci

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