Michelle Miller - I Built a 6 Figure DJ Biz And You Can Too! - DAS Audio Stage at the South Point Showroom

February 21
Tuesday 4:00 PM 1 Hour

I built a 6 figure DJ Biz and you can too!
Dare to dream big and get crystal clear on your vision for your business! Learn how to scale your business to reach 6 figures and beyond by inhabiting the right mindset and strengthening your relationships.
1) Steps on how to create a clear vision that speaks to your personal uniqueness and lights you up!
2)Tips, strategies and proven methods that show you how stepping into your leadership and committing 100 percent will help you in achieving your financial goals.
3)Guidence and coaching on the importance of cultivating community bonds and how to strengthen your relationships to grow your business.

About Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller (DJ RunDat) has seamlessly created a name for herself within the music industry. From being a DJ, Entrepreneur, and Business Coach, to her recent roles as an Author, Podcast Host, and Speaker Series Host, she’s doing it all, and more!
With 17 years of being a self-taught business owner, juggling motherhood and chasing her dreams she has learned a lot. One of the biggest lessons is that if you want to grow you can’t do it alone. It is with the support of her community that she was able to scale her business fast and reach her goal of hitting 6 figures in sales in 2022, more than doubling her 2021 sales!
Michelle is passionate about giving back by sharing her story and experiences to not only be a positive influence for her two children but to also inspire others in the entertainment industry to fearlessly go after your wildest dreams and create a life you love. Anything is possible if you believe and if you have the right people surrounding you.

Michelle Miller

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