John Roach & Rich Cranston - EXPO: Absolutely Killing a Bridal Show - DAS Audio Stage at the South Point Showroom

February 22
Wednesday 4:00 PM 1 Hour

We know, we know. We’ve heard it all before. Bridal shows are for desperate DJ companies
who can’t fill their calendar organically. It’s a pretty darn good chance that when we start a
convo with a peer about Bridal Shows, we will be quickly interrupted with “Yo, man, we don’t
need to do Bridal Shows anymore.” But, here is our deal to you…if you come with an open
mind, we are going to smash your perceptions about Bridal Shows. We will convince you that,
no matter how successful you are now, Bridal Shows and Expos should be a concrete part of
your marketing plan and will help you grow a business that is built to last.
You will learn that Bridal shows are NOT about filling this or even next year’s event calendar.
Learn why the couple of hours before the show opens might be more important than the
hours the show is live. We will teach you what to bring and how to use it. And get this, you will
take-away that booking events at the show is not even the primary objective.

About John Roach & Rich Cranston

Richard Cranston started Encore Events, a 13-Unit Multi-Op DJ company in 1998. John
Roach has been the General Manager for Encore since 2005. Encore Consulting is the
evolution of our event entertainment business that has been blessed with success and growth
since its inception. 23 years in this space has provided us with a PhD-level education in
building an event business that will last. Two huge revelations in our business education
were: “You Succeed when Your Friends Succeed” and “Mentors are Critical”. When
knowledge is gained from professionals who have already been where you want to go, the
road is so much easier to navigate. These principles are the driving force of Encore

Since it’s inception, Encore Consulting has delivered seminars at Wedding MBA and Mobile
Beat Conferences, as well as hosting countless DJ roundtable trainings during the pandemic.
During the Pandemic of 2020, we also launched a DJ Industry Podcast and YouTube show
called the Real DJ Show, which has featured some of the most prominent names in the
industry including Joe Bunn and Nick Spinelli.

John Roach & Rich Cranston

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