How to Outsource Like a Boss and Grow Your Business!

February 21
Monday 4:00 PM 1 Hour

Ready to grow your brand awareness, network, and business by tapping into online marketing with a low cost team to help you do those annoying time consuming things that you really don’t enjoy? I’ll share my secrets to how I built a support system along with a virtual team that has helped me self-publish a best selling book, launch an online show and podcast, become known as a leader in my industry, and start booking consistent high paying gigs.
Key Takeaways/Benefits:
1. Why you need to surround yourself with a solid support system.
2. The benefits of having a mentor or coach.
3. Secrets to building a low cost team.

About Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller (DJ RunDat) has seamlessly created a name for herself within the music industry. From being a DJ, Entrepreneur, and Business Coach, to her recent roles as an Author, Podcast Host, and Speaker Series Host, she’s doing it all, and more!
As a top advocate for women in the music industry, Michelle strives to bring her female DJ community together through her audio podcast, “Royal Queens Rising”, which launched in July of 2020.
In February of 2021, Michelle launched her own speaker series, “In the Mix: A DJ Series”, where she connects with top industry leaders and creatives through leading in-depth video interviews.
Michelle had learned an immense amount throughout her sixteen years of being a self taught business owner, juggling motherhood, and chasing her dreams. The biggest lesson that stands out for Michelle is that growth does not happen alone, but rather with the support of her family and community. With their corroboration, she was able to scale her business fast and focus on what brought her joy, being a DJ!
Michelle is passionate about giving back by sharing her story and experiences to not only be a positive influence for her two children, but also to inspire others in the entertainment industry to fearlessly go after their wildest dreams and create a life you love. Anything is possible if you believe and are surrounded by the right people.

Michelle Miller

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